Auto Glass Repair In Arlington, Texas

Repair/Change Your Car’s Windshield With Us!!

Auto Glass Repair In Arlington, TXThere was a time when a chip or crack in your windshield meant certain replacement. That's no longer the case. Modern technology makes it possible to repair windshields that would have previously been scrapped. Not only does this save your windshield, it also saves you money. We specialize in Auto Glass Repair Dallas in Arlington, Texas to bring to you services that will repair your windshields AND save your money!

Replace Your Windshield Too!

Windshield repair or replacement depends on the size, location and severity of the damage. The majority of windshield repair shops can repair quarter-sized rock chips and cracks up to three inches long. Anything bigger and most places will recommend replacement. However, special facilities like ours use a special technique that allows them to repair cracks up to 12 inches long. So it pays to check around before committing to a new windshield. Location of the damage also plays an important role in determining your windshield's fate. Cracks at the edge of the windshield tend to spread very quickly and can compromise the structural integrity of the glass. If you bring them to us on time, they can be repaired. But in most cases, it's usually advisable to replace the windshield.

Replace Car Frames As Well!

Today’s window frames also hold up better than many older frames. Frames feature anodized finishes that resist scratching. Frames also are less prone to deterioration than wood. They are less likely than steel to corrode. Three types of finishes offer different levels of performance. Acrylic finishes are the least expensive. We also offer replacement of car frames.

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