About Auto Safety Glass

Auto Safety Glass in Dallasi. Safety Glass is a lamination of two plates of glass sandwiching a transparent binder. Breaks in a windshield usually only affect the outer plate of lamination and does not penetrate the entire windshield. Glass breaks can be filled with a transparent resin which protects the broken areas and substantially restores the visibility to the repair area.

ii. Stone chips and bulls eye breaks in automobile windshields mar the visibility through the glass, but most often will not affect the useability of the glass. In many cases, such breaks can be repaired, eliminating expensive time consuming replacement of the entire glass.

iii. When an object strikes the outer layer of glass with sufficient force, it causes a small hole on impact. This permits air to enter the damaged area. This air space creates a diffusion of light, resulting in and obstruction of vision.

iv. The objective of this windshield repair system is to penetrate the glass surface through the pit of the break with a transparent liquid resin. The resin replaces the entrapped air, cures, and restores visibility, since it has the same index of refraction as the glass. The resin once cured also bonds the loose glass within the damaged area.

v. In most cases, the repair will not be totally invisible; there will always be traces of a repair. At the point of impact where the surface glass is missing, a slight imperfection will be visible. And in some cases, hairline remains of the radial cracks, called scars, may be visible when viewed at certain angles. Nevertheless, at least 90% of the optical diffusion will be eliminated, restoring transparency and rendering the area structurally sound. Further cracking will be prevented.

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