Artisan Series SuperCapSR

New Colors of Vinyl

New SuperCapSR® provides color on vinyl windows with innovative scratch-resistant technology. The new color technology out performs paint in every way—it is extremely durable and won't chalk, chip or fade like paint. Now you can enjoy beautiful color on vinyl windows that are truly low maintenance and durable.

Demand for Color

The window industry has long sought a way to add color to vinyl windows made popular by the aluminum clad systems and painted surfaces. Vinyl windows now account for over 50% of the total window market. Homeowners are looking for more color options on windows and vinyl is no exception.

While painting vinyl has and continues to be an option for adding color to vinyl windows, the durability of the paint has been an issue. Other methods have also failed. About 10-15 years ago a window manufacturer attempted a co-extruded color cap on the vinyl profile but there was excessive heat buildup which distorted the vinyl profile causing the window to fail.

Innovation in Color – SuperCapSR

Now, thanks to a discovery born from military infra-red reflective technology – which absorbs less solar heat – Mikron Industries has created SuperCapSR®. Because SuperCapSR absorbs less heat, it prevents heat-related distortion of the vinyl window profile, even in darker colors of Bronze and Evergreen. Historically, darker colored profiles were prone to heat build-up.

In addition to its low heat absorption qualities, SuperCapSR is a much tougher surface. The extrusion process creates a molecularly-fused acrylic color layer that becomes a highly durable, integral part of the vinyl profile. Because the color layer is integral, SuperCapSR has superior scratch, chip, flake and chalk-resistance than painted window options.

In accelerated lab tests, heat build-up was maintained at an acceptable range of temperature change and the color retention was terrific, meeting the stringent standards of AAMA 613.The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) set the standards for fading, chalking, weathering and profile stability in its AAMA 613 standard developed for painted surfaces. While SuperCapSR is not a painted surface, it exceeded or met the criteria of this crucial standard.

Given its durability, every builder will appreciate its toughness on the job site and during installation. Fewer callbacks will save time and money. Homeowners will enjoy a low maintenance window with the vibrant, long-lasting color for that desired architectural look for a lifetime.

Artisan Series Featuring SuperCapSR

The new colors of the Artisan™ Series feature the exclusive SuperCapSR technology by Mikron. Now homeowners can enjoy the vibrant color options of Evergreen and Autumn Red as well as the ever-popular Bronze color. Nowhere else can you find the tough and durable color in a vinyl window product line.

Unsurpassed Warranty

With SuperCapSR on the Artisan Series window you get color with something not available from wood/aluminum clad products—a Lifetime Warranty. The consumer enjoys the peace of mind of a Lifetime Warranty and the builder enjoys having a sound manufacturer behind him with a sixty year reputation for superior service.

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