Can Every Crack Be Repaired?

windshield Crack Repair in DallasWhile many windshields can be repaired, some will require replacement. If the initial bull's eye chip is smaller than 1 ½ inches in diameter, or about the size of a silver dollar, it can usually be repaired. A crack that's less than 6 inches long is also a great candidate for repairing.

A Matter of Safety

Many people do not realize that a crack in the windshield compromises their safety. In modern cars, the windshield is actually part of the vehicle's safety restraint system along with seat belts and airbags. The safety restraint system (SRS) is designed to keep the passengers inside the vehicle's main compartment during a collision. Your windshield supports the structural integrity of the passenger compartment and helps to keep the roof from collapsing during accidents and rollovers. It also supports the passenger-side airbag during deployment. Windshield technology is designed to break and flex which cushion the blow of an impact. All of these safety features could be compromised if your windshield isn't repaired after it cracks.

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